4 simple remedy on small concrete cracks:

  • Roughen edges of crack using a wire brush or cold chisel
  • Clean out dirt and debris using a heavy paint brush
  • Measure depth of crack. if deeper than 1/2 inch, fill with sand to within 1/4 inch of surface. If crack isn’t deeper, move to step 4
  • Fill crack with concrete crack sealer, Overfill crack slightly to allow for shrinkage .


Concrete crack appears to be typical, but ignoring those “common concrete issues” is not recommended. Concrete cracks are mostly found on foundations, basements, walls or even on the floors. Cracks typically because of thermal movement, drying shrinkage or other causes and usually results in few problems, but ignoring those will make the cracks bigger overtime. You don’t have to carry those burdens anymore. Concrete edina also offers a complete package of Concrete repair and maintenance.