2019 is going to be our year! We can look back on a fantastic year, and for that reason we additionally eagerly anticipate the following! What are the main trends that we have to take a look at for the following year?

Concrete Countertops
Although at the start of our business we mainly created concrete counter tops, the last couple of years the emphasis shifted to fireplace surrounds. However, concrete is coming back in cooking area designs! Besides routine kitchen counters, this also consists of concrete tops and side panels for kitchen islands. Our sealers, either topical or hybrid, are far better than ever, providing the best care and also defense to concrete kitchen area tops. Yet we certainly do not encourage to check out the stamina and also endurance of the sealer by reducing straight on the surface or revealing the it to acids as well as oils longer than desirable.

Raw Concrete
Raw concrete is the texture we see at concrete structures which are constructed from gathered location concrete, such as wall surfaces. However, utilizing our custom molding technique, we produce thin raw concrete panels, which can be applied anytime, anywhere. Our customers take pleasure in the charm of strong looking, commercial, genuine visual, created and mounted with the ease of contemporary methods.


Lastly: we intend to introduce you to micro-cement. Micro-cement is a technique of troweling the concrete mix directly unto the substrate, either at location or in our shop. It is a wonderful choice for concrete panels at complicated circumstances or smaller items, but it likewise presents design and also grace at walls and also fire place borders. The seamless result appears like the art work of the installer, which contributes to the uniqueness of the design.

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